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Updates for the New Year

Posted in News & Events, News Articles on 01/28/2014

The beginning of a new year is a good time to clear out, clean up, and organize.  Here at BackTrack we would like to take a moment to touch base with our clients to ensure our files are up-to-date.

Due to the personal nature of the information we process and provide, it’s important that the list of authorized users for your company is current and accurate at BackTrack.  If you have had any staff changes over the past year, please be sure to contact our office to have access removed for inactive employees.  Alternately, we would be happy to set up and establish additional access for any new employees who may have joined your team.

You may additionally want to review the services we are currently providing to ensure they are meeting your needs.  We add new services to our repertoire regularly, and may be able to provide you additional information to assist in making your best hiring decision.  Review a current listing of our available searches.

This is also a good time to review the legal requirements associated with your background checks.  Your company legal department can provide invaluable information in this area.  You may also review our FCRA Guide for employers.

Contact BackTrack at (800) 991-9694 to update your files and to discuss any additional services we may be able to provide your firm.