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What is a Discrepancy?

Posted in News & Events, News Articles on 01/29/2014

While processing background check reports, our BackTrack investigators review all information provided by your candidates, including resumes, applications, and release forms.  Our investigators then contact any employers that are included in your standard screening requests.

When we receive these responses, we carefully compare them to the information stated by your applicant.  If the verified employment dates are more than 30 days off from the dates stated by your applicant, we will mark the entry as a discrepancy to draw your attention to this difference (any difference of less than 30 days will be noted as a variance).

We would apply this same review to any other information the candidate has included on their application, such as title/position, salary, and reason for leaving.  When the verified information is different than what is stated, the discrepancy will be flagged.

Online application can sometimes cause confusion in the area of employment dates.  If the candidate only provides a month and year for their stated employment dates, the program will automatically fill in the missing fields.  This may make it appear that your applicant started and ended all of their periods of employment on the 1st of the month.  As the application submitted to BackTrack included these stated dates, you may see discrepancies flagged based on this provided information.  These discrepancies should be carefully reviewed by your company and given the appropriate significance.

While discrepancies indicate that verified information is inconsistent with information stated by your candidate, our reports should be reviewed in their entirety.  We bring your attention to inconsistencies in the report by flagging them as discrepancies, but there is also pertinent information that cannot be marked as a discrepancy since it is not in direct contrast to information stated by the applicant.  Additional comments provided by former employers, both positive and negative, can prove invaluable in making your best hiring decision.

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