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Adverse Action: A Guide for Employers

Posted in Events, News & Events on 01/07/2015

FCRA class action suits are on the rise with nearly 30 filed during the first half of 2014. Do you want your company name to appear in a headline like these?

The FCRA is both the simplest with which to comply and the easiest to mess up. Denying an applicant a position through the FCRA Adverse Action should be a simple, straightforward process, but many companies miss key elements. How can your company help to avoid this? BackTrack’s webinar on Adverse Action is not available for view.  The webinar was presented by Jonathan Hyman, partner at Meyers Roman. Jon is an author, speaker and highly respected blogger in the employment law arena, and will walk you through the adverse action procedures to answer your questions.

View the presentation here.