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Is BackTrack accredited? »

Yes, we are and have been accredited since 2010 by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS®), which offers an accreditation program for Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRA’s) located in the United States of America. Governed by a strict and thorough set of professional standards, the Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program (BSAAP) has become a widely recognized seal of approval that brings national recognition to an employment background screening-affiliated organization for its commitment to excellence, accountability, high professional standards and continued institutional improvement.

What is your turnaround time? »

Our average turnaround time is 3 business days. Our online report retrieval site allows our clients to see the progress of their reports in real time and to receive their results as soon as they are entered, allowing you to track the progress of your applicants. Information is entered as soon as it is received, and we will always keep you informed if there should be a delay.

What paperwork do I need to perform a background check? »

In order to conduct a background check, your applicants must sign a Disclosure and Release Form. BackTrack does have one that you may use. You may fax or email this form along with the applicant’s resume and/or employment application to our office.

BackTrack has integrated with several ATS providers and has an online application site that you may also use. In all cases, we do need the applicant’s signed disclosure and consent before completing the background check.

How can I set up a new user and/or requestor for my company? »

An existing user, or preferably the manager on the account, needs to send an email request to Client Services at bti@backtracker.com with the person’s first/last name, email address, phone and fax number.

I don’t have a business, can I still use your service? »

Respecting the sensitivity of the information we provide, BackTrack only works with verified businesses looking to screen their applicants or employees.

Which searches should I run? »

Because individual business needs can be greatly varied, and our staff will gladly help you build your screening packages based upon your requirements, goals and budget.

Can your company integrate with our applicant tracking software? »

Yes. We can seamlessly integrate our background screening solutions with your existing system or other exclusive software applications. If you have an Applicant Tracking System or other system you’d like us to integrate with, we can help you design a customized solution.

What privacy and security safeguards do you use? »

We understand the evolving concern for data privacy and security. That’s why we employ strict information handling and technology practices. Rest assured that all information stored at BackTrack is contained in highly secure databases and is handled only by authorized and well-trained staff. Click here for our Privacy Policy.

Do I have to have my applicant sign a release if I am not ordering a credit report? »

Yes. Pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, all pre-employment backgrounds are considered Consumer Reports or Investigative Consumer Reports, whether or not they contain credit information.

What do I need to do as an employer to comply with the FCRA regarding background checks? »

Click Here for our Adverse Action Guide for Employers, a quick reference for background screening.

  1. Prior to initiating a background check, an employer must notify the applicant in writing that a background check is being requested and must obtain clear written disclosure and authorization signed by the applicant. The employer must also include a statement informing the applicant of their right to request additional disclosure in accordance with the FCRA.
  2. Prior to denying employment based in whole or in part on negative information received from a BackTrack Pre-Employment Background Check Report, the employer must:
  3. A)  Provide a Pre-Adverse Action letter, a copy of the report and the FCRA Summary of Rights to the applicant to review and/or to dispute information.
  4. B)  After giving the applicant reasonable time to dispute the background check (approximately 5 to 7 days), the employer must provide the applicant with a Final Adverse Action Letter.

Do I have to tell my applicant that a hiring decision was made based on the background check? »

Yes. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you are required to inform your applicants that you are not hiring them because of information contained in the consumer report. You must inform your applicants of this no matter how small a part the consumer report played in your decision. You must also give your applicants a copy of the report and give them time to dispute any inaccurate information in the report with the consumer-reporting agency that provided you with the report.

How long do I need to keep the candidate’s signed authorization form on file? »

The Disclosure and Authorization form should be kept on file for a minimum of 5 years as allowed under the federal statute of limitations for civil filings of non-compliance.

Do I have to send a copy of the report to the candidate if they request it? »

Yes, the candidate has the right under the FCRA to obtain a free copy of their background screening report at their request. BackTrack can provide report copies to your candidates upon request.

How long are the results of a background check considered relevant? »

The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) does state you must use the most current information possible, and we consider the information to be up-do-date as of the date we return the information to your office.  After that time, it would be up to you and/or your legal department to decide what is stale or needs to be re-run.

Is it illegal for a past employer to give any information for inclusion in a background check report? »

No, it is not. Most states have even passed laws that exempt a past employer from any liability if they are providing true or factual information.

Isn’t there a national database search that I can add to my background check package that will show where an individual lived and worked? »

No, there is currently no database that will show every place an individual has ever lived or worked. We do still need data provided by the applicant on the application, resume and release authorization for searches. BackTrack does have some locator products that may show other jurisdictions where an applicant may have lived, but there is no “master” database of addresses and employers.

Can I use Social Media when conducting a background check? »

BackTrack does not perform social media searches for clients, as we do fall under the guidelines of the FCRA, which states we must follow procedures to “assure maximum possible accuracy of the information concerning the individual to whom it relates.” As information on the internet is created directly by the applicants and others, we have no guarantee that the information is accurate.We recommend employers consult with their legal counsel and use extreme care before they use information from social media sites when making hiring decisions.

What exactly is a RUSH order on a background check report? »

For an additional charge, your request is given special handling from start to finish. Your order will be entered into our system and we will then begin work on it immediately.

We make every effort to obtain all the information that you have requested, within 24 hours. We will send a background check report containing everything that we have obtained within hours and then continue to update your background check report as additional information comes to us. If you are in a hurry to hire, our RUSH background check service will meet your needs.

We are just starting a background program. Can I run backgrounds on our current employees as well as all new hires? »

You can obtain a consumer report on all current employees; however, the same Fair Credit Reporting Act provisions do apply to both potential and current employees. Before considering running backgrounds on current employees, we highly recommend discussing this with your corporate counsel or a qualified labor attorney to address any potential legal problems you may encounter.

Can I run a background check without telling the current employee? »

While most laws require that an employee be notified about a background check, federal law allows an exemption when investigating suspected wrong-doing by an employee. You should consult with an attorney for guidance in your specific situation.

Can you get more than dates and title from prior employers? »

We have found that in many instances, our trained staff can get much more than just the basics. Unless you prefer just dates and title verification, our investigators ask questions pertaining to job performance, duties and responsibilities, attendance, attitude, and promotability to assist you in your decision making process.

How far back do driving records in a background check go and will I find out about other licenses? »

Driving records vary from state to state. An average time reported is three to five years. Almost every state requires that a person only hold one license and most report serious offenses such as DUIs to other states. This practice is called ‘reciprocity’.

I need to run the driving records on all of my current employees. How do I do this? »

Just fill the information into a spreadsheet. All we need is each employee’s full name, social security number (optional), date of birth, driver’s license number, and state of issuance.  Contact BackTrack for the required format.   Within 3 business days, we will return the spreadsheet with a snapshot of the employees’ driving records. You will also be able to log onto our website to view full reports. Please note for California, a new release form is required each time we conduct a new driving record. We will also need state release forms for PA, WA, and NH. See our Forms page for these release authorizations. If you have any questions on this process, please contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694.

Do you conduct backgrounds on applicants from out of the country? »

The availability of information varies from country to country. We conduct employment, education, and reference verifications throughout the world. We can obtain criminal record information in Canada, England and over 180 additional countries. Please call our office at 1-800-991-9694 for pricing and turnaround time information on all out of the country services.