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Experience and Expertise

BackTrack is among the nation’s most experienced and most respected employment screening firms. Employment screening is our singular focus. We’re proud to be the trusted screening partner for many of the world’s most successful firms.

BackTrack’s proprietary, team-based, and carefully managed systems are designed to speed processes, improve internal and client communication flows, and ensure accuracy and completeness of data.

NAPBS® Accreditation

BackTrack is accredited through the NAPBS® Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program, which recognizes our commitment to upholding high standards in data protection, quality, and legal compliance. Only 1% of background screening companies have earned this accreditation status.


Company culture at BackTrack is rooted in one key objective: customer enthusiasm. Each BackTrack employee knows that the most important component of their job description is taking great care of our clients.

Service isn’t an afterthought or empty promise here. When you have a question, you’ll get a prompt, accurate answer from someone who knows your account. When you need us to create a custom solution to fit a special need, we’ll make it happen.

When you call BackTrack, you won’t have to go through a telephone menu system of prompts and then hear someone’s voice mail. Our company culture is to provide you with information and answers to questions by being able to talk to a key contact or any investigator that is on your screening team

Thorough, comprehensive and ongoing staff training is a priority at BackTrack. Our systems are effective and efficient in large part because our team members have an intimate understanding of both their specific functions, and “the big picture”.


We believe that our significant and ongoing commitment to top-shelf technology gives us an important edge in our industry. It enables our team to work faster, work smarter, work more efficiently. It helps speed information to our clients. It enables us to offer a wider, more flexible menu of options.

Our online web-based retrieval system is just one example. BackTrack clients simply log on and use their private passwords to access applicant information. It’s lightning-fast, and completely secure. Click here to view our security and privacy policy.

Industry-Leading Flexibility

BackTrack clients never have to configure their needs around rigid systems – in fact, quite the opposite. Our systems were specifically designed to accommodate a very high degree of flexibility in terms of report configuration, information distribution, and invoicing. Click here to view our sample report.