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Common Questions Regarding a Background Check

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 01/16/2007

What is a background check? A background check is an overall term used to describe the process of verifying someone’s history.  This may include their criminal history, credit status, driving record, education and employment history, professional references and others. A background check can be one or more of these searches. Thorough candidate background…

Partnership with Paycor

Posted in News Articles on 12/04/2006

BackTrack is excited about becoming a strategic partner with Paycor, Inc.  Paycor is ‘s largest, independent provider of payroll and human resources services with over 11,000 clients. Over 375 Paycor associates process payroll, prepare payroll taxes and provide other services related to issuing their clients correct and timely payroll checks every…

Welcome to our new website

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BackTrack is pleased to introduce our newly designed website.  We have added many features to it and designed it to be more user friendly.  Bookmark this site and visit us often for new content and articles relating to employment screening.

Form I-9 Verification

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The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA) legally mandates that U.S. employers must verify the employment eligibility status of newly hired employees and makes it unlawful for employers to knowingly hire or continue to employ unauthorized workers.  Noncompliance, whether intentional or caused simply by oversight, has severe legal and…

Privacy/Identity Theft Issues

Posted in News Articles on 10/04/2006

With all of the stories in the news today concerning identity theft, we at BackTrack continue to remain vigilant to ensure your applicants’ privacy. We respect the privacy of your applicants and have many procedures in place to protect them from identity theft. Employees are prohibited from removing files or…

Diploma Mills – Accreditation Report

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“Earn your degree in six weeks!” “Get the degree you deserve based on life experience!” Emails containing these promises arrive daily in your inbox and the inboxes of your candidates. As these “schools” become more prevalent, BackTrack is committed to helping keep your hiring authorities informed. When a candidate claims…