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Software Technology at BackTrack

Posted in News Articles on 08/10/2010

Does your current background screening provider offer your company choices of how to receive your reports or your invoices?  Does your provider give you flexibility to sort invoices by applicant name, cost code or any other criteria you decide?  Do you have to do it their way or the way…

Credentials / Professional State Licensing Searches

Posted in News Articles on 07/10/2010

Does your candidate have the necessary credentials to perform his or her duties?  Does your company accountant have the CPA license as stated on the resume?  Does the nurse treating your patients have an RN license?  Is the company counsel you want to hire a licensed attorney? Verifying a professional…

Oregon Law and Credit Reports

Posted in News Articles on 07/01/2010

The state of Oregon has enacted legislation called the Job Applicant Fairness Act which restricts credit checks on job applicants.  Senate Bill 1045 will limit employers’ access to credit reports on job applicants with certain exceptions. The current exceptions include: employers who are federally insured bankers or credit unions; employers…

Website Updates

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Have you checked out our new media library?  We have put together a video library of topics related to our company and types of searches available. Interested to know what that voice on the other side of the phone looks like or want more information on a topic, click here.

BackTrack Named “Top Workplace 2010” by Cleveland Plain Dealer

Posted in News Articles on 06/20/2010

BackTrack, Inc has been named as a 2010 Best Places to Work by the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Workplace Dynamics. The purpose of evaluating the “Best Places to Work” is to distinguish companies that possess an outstanding culture and promote a positive working environment. The results of the survey were…

Fee Updates

Posted in News Articles on 06/01/2010

Effective July 1, 2010 several states have made fee increases to statewide criminal searches and to driving reports: New York – increased statewide criminal searches by $10. Oklahoma – increased driving report fee by $15. Hawaii – increased driving report fee by $13. Effective August 1, 2010 the following state…

Team Concept

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Every client is assigned a Team Manager who monitors and oversees their account.  This Team Manager has at least 10 years of experience and has worked his/her way up through the ranks at BackTrack.  We do not hire our managers from outside of the company and have a strong belief…

Quality Background Checks

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Quality is a very important component in a background check.  Knowing that the company who is performing the background checks prides itself on the quality of its work should be important to your company. We have extensive policies and procedures in place that are enforced to ensure the quality and…

Employment Mills

Posted in News Articles on 05/01/2010

In the past we have talked about Diploma Mills and how candidates can buy their diplomas on the web.  Did you know that there are also companies out there who will, for a fee, falsify someone’s employment credentials as well? There are several companies available through the internet that will…

Technology and Online Signatures

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More and more companies are using electronic applications or applicant tracking systems.  While these can be great time savers for your company, there are some things to consider. Does your company capture a “real” signature with your application or do you collect an electronic one?  Electronic ones are recognized a…