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As an enhancement to your criminal records searches, BackTrack offers CrimeTrack, the most complete proprietary database currently available to the non-law enforcement community.  This multi-state database covers more than 500 million records from all over the United States, with new records being added on a regular basis.  For a minimal…

Applicant Tracking Systems

Posted in News & Events, News Articles, Uncategorized on 12/05/2013

Technology is a driving force in today’s business world.  To provide a “one-stop shop” for screening and hiring, the employment screening process is fast becoming an integral part of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  This process allows employers to attract, recruit, screen, hire and retain top talent in one streamlined…

Nevada Becomes The Tenth State To Prohibit The Use Of Consumer Credit Reports Or Other Credit Information For Employment Purposes

Posted in News & Events, News Articles, Uncategorized on 05/31/2013

Attorneys: Pamela Q. Devata, Kendra K. Paul Last month we reported to you how Colorado became the ninth state to prohibit employers from using credit information for employment purposes. Nevada has just become the tenth state. Senator Parks introduced Nevada’s Senate Bill 127 on February 18, 2013, which was intended to,…

Need Information In A Hurry?

Posted in Uncategorized on 04/12/2013

Contact our office and request BackTrack’s RUSH service.  For a minimal fee, your screening request will be given priority handling from start to finish.  Your order will be entered into our system within an hour of receipt and we will process it immediately, based on the services you request.   Our…

New York and Social Security Numbers

Posted in News Articles, Uncategorized on 12/12/2012

New York General Business Law Section 399-ddd takes effect on December 12, 2012 restricting private entities in the State of New York from requesting or requiring an individual to provide the social security number with almost any activity.  There are several exceptions to this law, including the lawful request for…