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Congratulations John !! 20 years with BackTrack . . . hard to believe . . . and I think I've been with you for 18 of those years. You and your Company do great work! Keep doing what you're doing!!

Rich Y., Human Resources Director

You guys are AWESOME!!! Please tell your team THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!! I appreciate the quick turnaround!!!!!! More than you know!!!

Trisa S., HR

We continue to be very happy with the service. It is going extremely well. I hardly hear of anything that comes through our staff where they are having any issues. On the service side I’m sure that I have not heard anybody say that you guys have dropped the ball. BackTrack has done a great job for us. The reason we went with BackTrack is that we had some past problems with our other provider and those problems have been gone for years because of BackTrack. We appreciate everything BackTrack is doing for us.

S. Ammons, Human Resources Director

Things are going well. Overall we are very happy. We really appreciate the specialization BackTrack has in terms of being able to actually give me answers to different things and to understand what things mean, whether it’s criminal results or civil information and what they actually mean. The turnaround time is good. I have been very happy. We have the whole integration with MyStaffingPro done and that went smooth and that has been working out really well too!

E. VanHeukelom, Human Resources

Everything is going fabulously with your service. Your customer services team is definitely on the ball. Anytime we do need anything your team pretty much responds to us within ten minutes. Half the time we don’t even have to call you for what we need since you seem to anticipate those need. We really appreciate everything you guys do for us.

P. Parry, Quality Assurance Manager

Things are going absolutely well with BackTrack! I can tell you we get people who want to sell us their background screening services, but a savings of 50 cents would not be worth the loss of your phenominal service. We are very happy with the way you guys do things.

J. Gibson, General Counsel

Everyone goes above and beyond. We appreciate your efforts.

T. Whittington, Fire Chief

Your staff has been terrific.

L. Burton, Human Resources

You guys are fantastic. You have a great team and it is easy to get answers from everyone.

S. Viola, Human Resources Coordinator

We have definitely been improved with your speed.

K. Urso, Manager Human Resources

Everyone is professional, courteous and thorough. I cannot say enough about your service.

K. Tomolonis, Corporate Recruiter

BackTrack makes the entire process so smooth. I get such quick results. Cheryl is incredibly good with drug screening.

S. Kuhn, Human Resources

Brittany, thank you for the time this morning and the additional information. This will be very helpful, particularly if our auditors solicit the recruitment file. As mentioned, we are most pleased with the recent relationship we have established with BackTrack. The data and customer service have been far superior to our former background investigation vendor. We look forward to working with you in the upcoming new year.

D. Cerbone, Senior HR Manager

I'm so glad I called you. You guys always do such a great job for us. I'm glad we found your company because you are much, much better than our previous company.

H Carder, HR Administrator

I am so happy with BackTrack and so pleased with your work.

C. Olsen, Operations Supervisor

We are very pleased with the background checks that you have done and would like to continue having you perform all of our new hire checks moving forward.

D. Meager, HR Director

I have heard great things about BackTrack and I look forward to working with you.

S. Mediratta, Associate Representative HR and Labor Relations

Your company is amazing. The last company I worked with was such a nightmare; you are truly leaps and bounds above of them. They are no competition to your company. You are so much more professional and thorough.

M. Brady, Owner

Thank you so much for your work on this! The reports look great.

B. Emery, HR Specialist

Thanks for the super service. You guys are great.

L. Roberts, Recruitment Specialist

Congrats on the "top workplace award". Y'all are top in our books too. Your folks are a pleasure to deal with...probably because they are happy at work.

P. Bowling, HR Manager

You guys did GREAT! Thanks so much for the speediness!

C. Ehren, Partner

It has been a pleasure as always!

C. Civisca, Compliance

Have I mentioned how happy I am with BackTrack!?!? All of the people I've had contact with in the past week have been so wonderful, and the results are amazing!

J. Forster, HR

Just wanted to thank you and your team for the quick response we got on the re-verification of this education. We greatly appreciate it.

J. Hoelscher, HR

You're awesome! Thanks again.

K. Darty, People Services Coordinator

I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure working with you has been. You are always prompt, clear, courteous and helpful. And on the phone you are most pleasant.

B. Robison, HR Supervisor

Thank you all again - that is why you are the best company ever!

S. Porter, VP

I am very impressed with your reports and how thorough they are.

K. Parent, HR Manager

I really appreciate that you are helping us to make sure our information is secure.

C.Carley, Office Manager

Everything is going great with your system. It is very user-friendly and we just love how well BackTrack is working for us. Thank you for everything.

T. Harris, HR Manager

Thanks so much for all of your help. I didn't think this was an authentic G.E.D., but I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt. You guys do a great job!!!

C. Hope, HR Administrator

In my experience you are the best in the business. If there is a problem, it is usually my fault!

B. Jordan, HR Manager

Everything is great. I appreciate all of your support!

M. Shinsako, HR

BackTrack is always on the ball, so I appreciate your help.

L. Toth, Global Recruiting and HR

You all have been terrific! You made the process of getting on board with you all seamless, and your support staff has been great. The follow up is refreshing as it's been prompt.

K. Fulton, HR Manager

Kristina, thank you for catching that. By the way, we appreciate the great service and support that we are receiving from your team there and BackTrack.

K. Wright, HR Manager

Thanks, Scott. We are so pleased that BackTrack can be trusted to do good work and do it quickly.

N. Malone, HR

Today was my first time using your services. All I have to say is AWESOME. The reports were pulled very quickly, the email straightforward, and the visuals on the reports were all great (alerts). I also liked that the reports were in .pdf format, so I can save in our employee files. Outstanding job, looking forward to using you again. We used to use ADP Select and it took about 5 minutes just to get logged in and find the results of a report.

A. Lawhorn, Human Resources

BackTrack 'kicked butt' with the KC-10 project.

T. Biddix, Employment Representative

You are wonderful. Scott is awesome, everyone is very accommodating, and I have the highest confidence that I am getting the most complete report possible.

R. Schlau, Human Resources

I want to take this opportunity to say "Thank you" to all of you. It has been a pleasure and a joy working with each and every one of you. I have certainly learned a lot about background checks since we partnered with BackTrack in 2001. It has been a wonderful experience. I wish all of you the best and much success in years to come. We have had some challenges along the way, but you and your team have been so responsive to our needs in the past 9 years that it has been a great working relationship and I thank you for all of your help and support during these past years.

M. Coffin, Employment Representative

I am very pleased with BackTrack and so glad I made the decision to switch to you last year.

L. Bisca, Team Lead Human Resource Delivery Team

Awesome! You guys continue to put a smile on my face.

V. Morris, Talent Acquisition Specialist

By the way - you guys are rockin' it!! Thanks.

T. Biddix, Employment Representative

I really like you guys! Thanks for the great service and everything you do!

S. Porter, Vice President of Quality & Clinical Services

You have the coolest system ever - it's just too cool. I love the online website.

M. Johns, Senior Business Consultant,

The BackTrack system is a very user-friendly. We have no problems at all. Worked like a charm! Thanks for your help on everything.

T. Harris, Human Resource Manager

I love the format of the reporting - easy to read. I am very impressed with the staff who were quick to respond, professional and yet very personable in their emails to me.

M. Johns, Senior Human Resource Business Consultant

Everything went very well. I am very pleased with your services, especially the quick turnaround time.

C. Brock, Human Resources

I have to say that you are always at your desk when I call. It seems you guys never use voicemail, and I can always speak to you. That is great.

S. Guglietta, Human Resources

Your system is so much smoother than our former company. Thank you for your help during the transition.

E. Parish, Human Resource Generalist

I attend a number of human resources shows and conventions and always have background screening companies approaching me for business. They ask about our current screening company and try to convince me to at least test their services. I always tell them I am extremely happy with BackTrack and would never consider switching. I am certain no one would be able to provide better customer service. I really appreciate the fact that I can call in and talk to one person, and that every time I have a question I receive a quick response. I am very pleased with the services you provide to my company.

M. Lucas, HR Director

Cheryl, you are a ROCKSTAR!! Thanks so very much for your help!!

S. Mendez, HR Assistant

BackTrack has an excellent web portal to view status of reports on line, detailed invoices, and responsive account managers. I have confidence in the information provided.

J. Maguire, Administrator HR

Thanks for all of your good work. You guys rock.

S. Kuhn, Human Resources/Employment Coordinator

Our background screening is working very well and BackTrack is just a dream to work with.

J. Blakemore, Volunteer Services Manager

Cheryl is top notch and she always is willing to go above and beyond in order to make things work.

S. Kuhn, Human Resource Assistant

You are a valued supplier. Your team does a great job for us.

M. Pegors, Senior Human Resources Generalist

I'm so glad to that we are using BackTrack. You guys saved me so much time when I was in Human Resources. You're so professional and you do such a good job. It saved me so much time.

R. Barber, Manager

I do want you to know that things are going great with BackTrack! I have been in contact with Gaye a couple of times in regards to smoothing out some processes and she has been wonderful to work with! Thank you for great service.

L. Bisca, Team Lead

I like working with BackTrack and appreciate your company. You are always on top of the ball and nice to talk to.

M. Novak, Senior Recruitment Specialist

Katie has been a tremendous help to me. She has provided outstanding customer service. She is always very quick to respond and has an answer for me every time I inquire. I truly appreciate her positive attitude and sense of urgency.

T. Adams, Recruiting Coordinator

You are big enough to handle any business, but you feel like family.

T. Biddix, Employment Representative

I want you to know we are very happy with the service. Everything is going absolutely well.

J. Gibson, General Counsel

We feel BacKTrack is a good fit for our organization and are excited to have you on board doing our background checks.

A. Storer, Human Resource Coordinator

I have really appreciated the expediency with which the backgrounds have been progressing. It has really helped us out in an unusual circumstance where time has become important in filling a vacancy.

S. Ritchie, Human Resources

We are very impressed with what you have to offer. Honestly, I had a good feeling about BackTrack from the first time you called. We look forward to working with you and BackTrack.

K. Cullen, Human Resources

You have good people that took care of our needs.

N. Nieves, Human Resource Coordinator

Thanks for your time and expertise. I have certainly learned a great deal about criminal background checks during the past weeks, and I appreciate your perspective on county searches.

J. Mallon, Human Resources Director

You guys absolutely rock! Thank you for all the incredible service you provide!

S. Kuhn, Human Resource Assistant

If all of the vendors we outsource with were as good as BackTrack, my life would be fantastic!

J. Cobos, Human Resource Manager

Thank God for BackTrack! I am familiar with your company having used you for four years with my prior employer.

L. Gallagher, Human Resource Manager

You and your team rock!!! Thank you to everyone who helps out in our checks. I really appreciate the professionalism and the speed of your checks. Also, anyone that I talk to when I call in is always able to help. Keep up the great work!!!!

D. Krizan, Senior Account Development Manager

Thanks for everything you have done in assisting with our online experience. It makes the data entry much easier.

L. Davis, Human Resource Secretary

I just want to reach through the phone and give BackTrack a hug. You have been so easy to work with.

K. Putnam, Human Resources

I used BackTrack for 8 years with my previous company and now for the last year with my current company. BackTrack has always provided great service and I trust you completely.

P. Bowling, Manager of Human Resources

Thanks again for your patience and wonderful customer assistance throughout this transition to online background checks. You really have provided exceptional support!

A. Bruflat, Staffing Coordinator

Our temporary agency screened an applicant through another company. When we decided to hire her as a regular employee, we ran the background check through BackTrack. The competitor stated that there were 14 counts of drug trafficking that were dismissed. BackTrack researched the same record and found that only 1 of the counts was dismissed - the others were still active. I was astounded that the competitor made such an error and I am pleased with how thorough and dependable BackTrack is!

A. Pollack, Human Resource Manager/Recruitment

I wanted to take a minute to also thank you and everyone you work with for providing excellent service! We recently began working with BackTrack and I know our department has been very impressed with both the quality of reports as well as the customer service your company provides. Unfortunately we know from experience that not all companies provide the level of service you do and I believe it really makes your company stand apart from others.

K. Licklider , HR Generalist

I want to say your service staff is very prompt and provides excellent service.

H. Felx , Human Resources

I just wanted to let you know that I dealt with Ms. Cheryl Cochran on the phone regarding an issue with a therapist we entered for a background check this morning. Cheryl was extremely helpful and her customer service was PERFECT. She made my concern a priority and took immediate action to make sure I got the results I needed. We use your services often and it's employees like Cheryl that ensure we continue to depend on you for our needs.

J. Kaliszewski , Recruiting Manager

Thank you! You are always so helpful and I want to let you know that we really appreciate it. Our former company was nowhere in the same league as you in terms of customer care!

K. Licklider , HR Generalist

Thank you for all the help. Wow, you guys are very thorough with your reporting - this is awesome.

M. Wickland , Staffing/Project Support Coordinator

We are really, really happy with the work you have done. We are impressed at how quickly everyone has responded to us, and it has been a real pleasure working with you.

S. Mennone, Recruitment and International Specialist

As ALWAYS, thank you for the prompt response! I REALLY appreciate that! Just so you know, I tell EVERYBODY about your company and how great you guys are to work with!!!

Margie L., PHR Director

You are amazing. Your reaction time to our needs is very impressive as was your presentation. You beat me to the punch on the follow-up. I received a lot of favorable feedback on BackTrack's customer service orientation. We really liked all your options. I appreciate your quick response.

Edna P., Human Resources

BackTrack has an excellent web portal to view status of reports on line, detailed invoices, and responsive account managers. I have confidence in the information provided.

Jan M., Administrator HR

I have to say that you are always at your desk when I call. It seems you guys never use voicemail, and I can always speak to you. That is great.

Steve G., Human Resources

I love the format of the reporting – easy to read. I am very impressed with the staff who were quick to respond, professional and yet very personable in their emails to me.

Marva J., Senior Human Resource Business Consultant

You are wonderful! Scott is awesome, everyone is very accommodating, and I have the highest confidence that I am getting the most complete report possible.

Rita S., Human Resources

Things have been going great with the backgrounds. Everyone in the office is loving the turnaround time - they comment all the time! So I would say we are definitely satisfied with the results. We have even re-sent some backgrounds to you guys that were sent to our old company (which we are still waiting on) just so we can get those completed! Thank you very much for checking in on us and thank you for the great job you all do.

Brigitte K., HR Manager

This whole customer service aspect of BackTrack is a bit foreign to me. I don't honestly know how to deal with it as I have never experienced such service. BackTrack's willingness to change their service and products to meet our needs is great. I like everything BackTrack has done for us. From taking the time to fully understand what our needs were to making fundamental changes to accommodate it goes beyond anything I have ever experienced in my professional career. I am extremely happy with BackTrack and things having been going very well ever since we signed up.

Charles B., HR

Your company is amazing. The last company I worked with was such a nightmare; you are truly leaps and bounds above of them. They are no competition to your company. You are so much more professional and thorough.

Marianne B., Owner