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Criteria Corp

Criteria is a leading provider of web-based pre-employment testing services. Our mission is to make high-quality pre-employment testing solutions accessible to companies of all sizes. Our testing system, HireSelect, is an SaaS (software as a service) solution that enables organizations to better manage their most important asset — their human capital — by providing state-of-the-art assessment tools to increase the effectiveness of the employee selection and retention process. HireSelect features aptitude, personality, and skills tests.

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PRADCO strengthens organizations by helping leaders select, develop and retain people who fit their culture and contribute to its success. Their commitment is to deliver responsive service and high-quality products tailored to their clients’ changing needs.

Employee Selection

Hiring is an investment and a risk. You need to make sure you’re finding the right person for the job. PRADCO helps you make confident hiring decisions the first time with tools and processes that accurately assess your candidate.


PRADCO’s proprietary Indexes are the most cost-effective, convenient way to clarify candidates’ capabilities and potential, and make informed choices. Our forced-choice format eliminates faking, biases and misleading responses. Indexes only take about 15 minutes to complete, and you can access results in real time.


Upper-level evaluations take cultural requirements into consideration and measure a broader range of skills, competencies and behaviors. With a Level 2 assessment, you’ll receive a consultant-written report with a definitive degree-of-fit rating based on the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in the areas of Motivation, Leadership, Sales Skills, Work Approach, Interpersonal Style, and Decision-Making and Judgment.


Executive-level candidates require the most in-depth evaluation. In addition to measuring a broad range of skills, competencies and behaviors, Level 3 assessments include interview and feedback sessions with the candidate. You’ll receive a consultant-written report detailing strengths and weaknesses, along with follow-up interview questions and coaching recommendations.