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Employee turnover is costly and is widely recognized as a key organizational concern. Exit interviews can be a valuable tool for a company to use as they allow for an analysis of data to determine what impacts turnover.

BackTrack offers Exit Interviewing in a web-based system

  • Allows your company to customize questions that relate to your organization.
  • Allows your company to create charts and graphs and to generate other statistics based on the feedback from the former employees.
  • This web-based system sends the former employee an email asking them to access our secure website, which links to your company’s questionnaire and can be completed anonymously.
  • This anonymity allows for maximum feedback and honesty in completing the questions.
  • Exit interview information can be used to assist the Human Resource department in improving existing working conditions for current employees, and for retaining those employees.
  • The company can learn from the past experiences of the department employees and gain an opportunity to improve management and/or employment practices accordingly.
  • Effective Employee Exit Interviews are an opportunity to diagnose and improve performance within the company.
  • They also allow for tracking of trends in satisfaction to measure the improvements that were made.

Exit interviews can be a valuable tool that are often overlooked, but should be considered by an employer. Interested in adding this valuable service to your program? Contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694.