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BackTrack and Our Clients

Posted in News Articles on 11/02/2009

Customer enthusiasm is our overriding goal at BackTrack.  We do not want our clients to be merely satisfied with the service they receive from our company, we want them to be enthusiastic partners.  Every employee is trained from day one that our clients are the reason for our success, and…

BackTrack Billing Questions

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 02/07/2008

Our accounting system is proprietary software we wrote in-house which allows us the flexibility to customize invoices and reports based on our clients’ needs.  BackTrack has the ability to itemize your billing based on location or any other criteria set up by your company. With the multiple sites ordering their…

How does BackTrack handle client questions?

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 01/07/2008

BackTrack is a company that has been a pioneer in our industry and is among the first to provide the dedicated team concept to our clients.  Our team, which consists of a group of trained investigators and a manager assigned to specific companies, allows us to become familiar with the needs…