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Posted in News Articles on 09/01/2010

Is your company using CrimeTrack, our database search containing over 501 million records from all 50 states, sex offender data from all 50 states, and the government watch lists?  CrimeTrack provides an extra layer of protection for your company and gives you a great bang for your buck.  One search…

What’s in a Name?

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 11/02/2009

Have you ever wondered why BackTrack contacts your company or your applicants to get a correct spelling of a name or to ask if the applicant has used any other names in the past?  Simple.  Most records are still stored by your applicant’s name.  Criminal records, school records, and many…

CrimeTrack National Criminal Database and Sex Offender Search

Posted in News Articles on 02/06/2009

For just a small price you can add an extra layer of security and peace of mind to your current screening program.  Our national criminal search, CrimeTrack, is a collection of databases with over five hundred million records from hundreds of sources within the United States.  The records are obtained…

What is CrimeTrack?

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 01/07/2008

CrimeTrack is a national criminal database search consisting of millions of records from all 50 states. These records have been pulled from various state courts, state correctional institutions and BackTrack’s own history of criminal records obtained from applicants screened in the past through county and state databases. This is the…


Posted in News Articles on 07/10/2007

CrimeTrack is multi-state database search consisting of hundreds of millions of records from all over the , including a 50 state sexual offenders search and the terrorist search.  While CrimeTrack does not replace the county or statewide searches you are currently doing, it does cast a wider net over the whole…