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BackTrack Drug Testing

Posted in Video Library on 03/13/2011

BackTrack YouTube video on our approach to drug testing and assessment. More videos available on our YouTube channel.

Drug Testing Best Practices

Posted in News Articles on 12/06/2007

Which is the best drug test for my company to use – Hair or Urine Testing? Deciding on whether to implement either the hair or urine drug testing program depends on your company’s parameters.  Hair testing usually covers a 90-day period and is virtually tamper proof.  Urine testing covers a…

BackTrack Offers Affordable Assessment Testing and eScreen Drug Tests

Posted in News Articles on 05/02/2007

BackTrack now offers affordable pre-employment assessment testing for your applicants.  Testing can be completed either via a standard paper and pencil test or via our secure, password protected online site.  Testing options include the Pass III Pre Employment Test which measures work ethic, reliability, drug avoidance and honesty, the Abilities Forecaster, which…