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Employment Mills

Posted in News Articles on 05/01/2010

In the past we have talked about Diploma Mills and how candidates can buy their diplomas on the web.  Did you know that there are also companies out there who will, for a fee, falsify someone’s employment credentials as well? There are several companies available through the internet that will…

Driving Record Reports

Posted in News Articles on 03/04/2009

Does your company employ drivers? Do your employees drive either a company or personal vehicle for company business?  Do you want to check for patterns of recklessness or substance abuse on your employees? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you’ll want to order a motor…

Employment Applications vs. Resumes?

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 06/09/2008

Many times our clients ask us:   which is better –  an employment application or a resume?  While a resume usually is easier to read, an employment application usually provides much more information for a background check.  Employment applications usually have a spot to list a supervisor’s name, a reason for…

Most Common Lies on a Resume

Posted in News Articles on 03/03/2008

A recent poll of hiring managers found that 57% have caught a lie on a candidate’s application or resume.  Some of the most common lies that were found include an applicant stretching dates to cover up employment gaps, past employment information to include inflation of wages or job title, academic degrees…