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Employment Screening Vendors and RFP’s

Posted in News Articles on 08/07/2009

Does your company use the RFI/RFP process for purchasing goods and services?   This process is a sound procedure when you are comparing apples to apples or buying goods.  However, RFP’s for a background screening vendor rarely make sense. In the past most companies had their Human Resource or Safety Department…

What Should Be on My Employment Application?

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 09/05/2008

We frequently get the question from clients – “What should be included on our employment application?” or “What does BackTrack need for screening our applicants?”  We recommend that you design an application with your legal department to be sure that it meets the legal requirements for your state, but some…

Employment Verifications

Posted in News Articles on 06/09/2008

We frequently get the question from our clients – how do you verify employment information at BackTrack? All employment screening is done in house by our staff of trained investigators.  All of our staff is housed in our offices located outside of Cleveland, Ohio.  Your applicants’ information does not leave…

Contact Current Employment or Not?

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 04/03/2008

If a candidate is “hiding”, “shading” or “getting creative” with their resume, they will frequently tell you not to contact a current employer. Candidates are advised that this makes them appear more valuable within an organization. They are advised to check a “no” box even if they are not currently…

Are You Hiring the Right People?

Posted in News & Events, News Articles on 12/06/2007

Are you hiring people who become productive staff members? Or are you in a constant state of hiring? The cost of hiring and training new employees who don’t stay is staggering. BackTrack has two products to help with your hiring and retention. We offer Assessment Testing to help you make…