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Passwords and Company Security

Posted in News Articles on 03/05/2010

Employee data breaches are becoming more and more common for companies.  News stories about data breaches appear with alarming regularity. Sometimes it is the missing laptop that was stolen from someone’s car/home/apartment, sometimes it is the data tape that was being transported for storage and was “misplaced,” and sometimes it…

Security and Privacy of Data

Posted in News Articles on 07/06/2009

What happens to the data that is sent to BackTrack when a background check is ordered?  How will I know the information that I send is not going to be sold to someone else?  How secure is the information I send? There are stories in the news about companies who…

Background Checks and Company Security

Posted in News Articles on 03/03/2008

More and more companies and organizations are doing background checks on their job candidates, and even current employees.  The primary reasons for doing background checks is internal security and protection from negligent hiring lawsuits.  Here are some basic tips that can help you. Verify information on resumes.  Some job candidates appear to try…