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Social Networks and Background Screening

Posted in News Articles on 04/01/2010

Social networking has exploded over the past several years.  FaceBook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn® and other sites allow your current and potential employees to create and maintain a web presence.  Type social networking and employment screening into a search engine and look at the hundreds of thousands of hits related to this…

Do You Google Your Applicants?

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 05/07/2008

The Internet has become a wonderful tool in many different ways.  We can find out pretty much anything we want to know from anywhere around the world.  Want to know what the weather is currently like where you are going on vacation?  Look it up on the Internet.  Want to…

Instant Searches

Posted in News Articles on 11/08/2007

Many companies offer “instant searches”, but what exactly does that mean?  It means that while you do get the information back immediately, it also means that you need to weed through the results to decide if the records belong to your applicant or not.  Instant criminal database searches can return numerous records,…

Social Searches

Posted in News Articles on 07/10/2007

What IS a Social Search? Simply put, a Social Search is way for companies to verify if a social security number is valid and has been issued by the Social Security Administration.  When the number is run through our sources, it provides whether or not the number is valid, the name(s)…