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Posted in Events, News & Events on 08/01/2014

At BackTrack, our priority is customer satisfaction.  Our dedication to our clients begins with your very first call.  You will never be made to deal with a long menu of options in a frustrating touch-tone interface.  The telephones at our office are always answered by a live operator during our…

Team Concept

Posted in News Articles on 06/01/2010

Every client is assigned a Team Manager who monitors and oversees their account.  This Team Manager has at least 10 years of experience and has worked his/her way up through the ranks at BackTrack.  We do not hire our managers from outside of the company and have a strong belief…

BackTrack and Employee Training

Posted in News & Events, News Articles on 10/06/2008

BackTrack is proud of its employees and the training they receive.  Our training program for all new employees is extensive and covers all facets of our operation.  All staff members are trained from day one in the proper laws and regulations regarding the industry and periodic reviews take place when…