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Software Technology at BackTrack

Posted in News Articles on 08/10/2010

Does your current background screening provider offer your company choices of how to receive your reports or your invoices?  Does your provider give you flexibility to sort invoices by applicant name, cost code or any other criteria you decide?  Do you have to do it their way or the way…

Technology and Online Signatures

Posted in News Articles on 05/01/2010

More and more companies are using electronic applications or applicant tracking systems.  While these can be great time savers for your company, there are some things to consider. Does your company capture a “real” signature with your application or do you collect an electronic one?  Electronic ones are recognized a…

Commercial Driver License Information System

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The Commercial Driver License Information System (CDLIS) is a federal clearinghouse and repository of commercial driver licensing data.  The CDLIS enables the states to exchange information about the driving records and driver’s licenses of Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers.  This helps assure that only one license is issued to a driver and…